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About Diana Hochman

Diana Hochman is an Author and Internationally Certified Master Life Coach & Practitioner.

Her educational background is in Sociology,

Creative Writing and Humanities. 

 She is passionate about learning through play.

The seashore is one of her favorite places in the world. 

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Live Your Best Life


Based on a True Story

You can imagine my surprise when, as I sat watching a movie, what I saw was a piece of my own life unfolding before my eyes. The movie is called Untogether, not a half bad story, actually.


Lola Kirke, who was a lead in Amazon's Mozart in the Jungle plays me in the movie Untogether, which had a limited release and then went to video on demand in 2019.


Of course, I contacted the person, a public figure, responsible for contributing this narrative to the film. I wanted to ask him why he would do such a thing. He did not respond to my request.

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