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I am not okay with any of this.

I never thought I would think of America as a third-world country, but, here we are.

It is so hard to watch the implosion and utter devastation around me and say nothing. My silence is definitely not due to lack of care and concern. I am simply not built of the kind of material that affords one an apathetic disposition. If anything, my greater weakness has always been that I care too much. I pulled back recently because I am so utterly devastated by the ruin of great human potential. My devastation is only outmatched by an absolute feeling of powerlessness to change the situation. How is shouting into the void making a difference?

Yet, if we do not do something, without question, the trajectory we are on is simply not humanly sustainable. A lawless country that demands no personal responsibility or even accountability, where anything goes, people are coddled and victim mindsets are promoted and elevated, is a country that is manufacturing the products of dysfunction and decay.

I don't know what to do. My whole life I have been a problem solver. I had a lot of problems to solve. Thank God, miraculously, I have solved them. Now I look around me and see society is beset by so many problems. America is a fascist dictatorship ruled by the whims of a leftist radical agenda that is seeking to completely flip society upside down. The right is not so innocent either as the common bond that unites them is a neocon revanchist ideology. The entire establishment (except 11 people this last go round) has voted to give Ukraine nearly $100 billion dollars of Americans' money. Yet, we can't even feed our own babies and are having to fly in imports from other countries for our sustenance due to inefficiency and waste.

In fact, open borders USA has welcomed third world nations with open arms, demanding absolutely no fidelity to our laws and customs. Why have laws if you will not enforce them? Why have borders if anyone can pass through at any time? Then, let's declare what it is, America is an open border society. May as well call Americans Global Citizens, free to travel anywhere, including Russia, and pay taxes only where we reside. After all, "when in Rome." If we are going to be an Open Borders Society, then we no longer need to fund war or Ukraine.

Shout into the void though I may, as I look around me at the destruction and decay of a lawless, decadent and immoral society tragically driving the nail in its coffin, much like those ultra failed nation-states throughout history before us, at least it will be known where I stand:

The immoral liberal and Neocon American agenda are wrong. I am not okay with any of this.


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