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Utility: The car of the future is utilitarian.

Critical thinking and communication skills are the most important and valuable tools that every human being can acquire. All knowledge is acquired. To know is to experience.

Suffice to say, the more one experiences the more one knows. At the same time, the more one knows, the more one knows just how little one knows. Know what I mean?

Everything is a lot of things. Thus, no person can know everything. And yet, each person can perceive, at once, the infinite totality of all that is, and in this know the essence of being.

The dystopian prospect for AI is bleak. In a world where people cannot tell the difference between right and wrong, up and down, left and right, true or false, AI promises to deliver even further confusion. AI unchecked and unmitigated will confound, confuse and cause utter chaos. AI could potentially be the greatest gas-lighter in human history.

If 14 million jobs are eliminated over the next five years [without replacement of sufficient income earning capacity (livable wage)], then this will increase crime and poverty in the world exponentially. The potential devastation is without parallel in human history. Additionally, GPT agents are sourcing vast amounts of material, for which they have not obtained permission from owners of the exclusive copyrighted works, and this is criminal. Point blank.

AI must improve human flourishing, not diminish humanity

One might surmise that people who are third-rate talents to begin with, would not be necessarily bothered if their art is stolen, as they champion a free-for-all, socialist world where sharing alike is the name of the game. This is not only humanly reductive, it is not sustainable.

Ask a fashion designer if they want a computer to design what they uniquely create. It’s one thing to use AI as a tool, and another as an entire replacement.

The individual is unique and what sets each individual apart is our ability to be accountable for our souls, our behavior, our beingness in this world. To be present. To answer here I am at roll call.

Accountability vis-à-vis Anonymity

This brings to mind the issue of accountability vis-à-vis anonymity. The fact that we are going through such an immense transformation at present is not without growing pangs. If we handle this properly, then we may see humanity flourish and reach never before seen heights of true human ingenuity and greatness. If mishandled, then we will see the end of time, sooner rather than later.

It is not a coincidence that accountability and anonymity are grave issues on social media platforms. All people online must present themselves as they are in real life. The ramifications of this are manifold. Immigration, crime, truth... we must know who is who and what is what!

Is it a crime?

Anonymous people cannot be held accountable for their behavior. Currently, there is an illegal immigrant running around somewhere, presumably in Texas, who killed a family of five people. No one can find where he is and hold him accountable. Apparently, he has been deported four times prior. This is not okay.

Immigration is not the issue. America is a welcoming place. Illegal immigration is a problem everywhere in the world. Why? Because it is a crime, and it is not sustainable. But it is politically expedient to conflate words, and this in itself is an injustice. All of these disparate parts of the puzzle must be put together to form a whole picture. And the picture is dire.

In a whole new world, every human being matters. Every human being is seen and every human being is heard.

It is incumbent upon the leaders of states throughout the world to work together in a diplomatic fashion to curb our worst tendencies. The days of warmongering are primitive and from a bygone era.

Moreover, we must invest in teaching humans how to think critically and how to communicate. As we transition from a labor economy to a creator economy, every person is the author of his or her life, thus accountable, and an active participant in the grand scheme of things. There can be no passive, deadbeat, invisible people in a next-level world, if we stand the remotest chance of rendering AI our servant and not our overlord.

In the worst case scenario, AI renders humanity obsolete.

The ramifications of getting a hold of this now cannot be underscored enough. The EU has already enacted necessary safeguards against AI for copyright infringement. Hopefully, Senator Schumer and the U.S. Congress gets on the ball and follows suit, godspeed.

The future of human life on earth depends on it.


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