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"What will become of us miniature models of clay?" - Excerpted from Technological Man.

The Supreme Court has made two monumental decisions in the past month, both in the best interest of freedom and the American People. I have been an active participant in the world in which I live my whole life, taught since childhood to form opinions about social issues and to dare to comment and/or write about my opinions. This year I began to question everything really, more so than I typically do. I really questioned the value of shouting into the void, as it were. Particularly, when my opinions are not in any way consonant with popular opinion. One might say I am a counter-culture type, that is, if being in tune with the times means casting aside morality, ethics, integrity, high standards, and fidelity to law and order, as is quite evidently the case.

Gun Ownership.

It is a fundamental right of human beings to have recourse to self protection and self-defense. Specifically, in the awful event some malicious entity with evil intent has decided to cause one harm. Destroying a life in this instance, that is, to save one's life from harm, is the only time killing is sanctioned. One might even say that self-preservation is the holiest, most sacred act.

It is a grotesque, and totalitarian form of government that seeks to dis-empower law abiding citizens, and remove their right to protect life, limb and liberty. It is heinous to empower malicious entities who have no regard for the law in the first place. Thus, The Supreme Court honored the basic freedom of Americans by assuring rights to self protection under the law.

Of particular, and peculiar irony, is a nation-state who bullies other sovereign nations into a corner, such that they have no recourse except to defend the encroachment. And then such a nation spins whopping lies and narratives to cover their malfeasance, while sending the world into a third-world dystopian tailspin, all while blaming everyone else but themselves. The U.S. has made blame-shifting the "new normal" leftist doctrine touts. The current U.S president has proven woefully inadequate to task, very foolish, though adept in destroying America's hope.

Moreover, people at home are suffering from his failed policies. It is unconscionable to provide a foreign nation billions of dollars to fund a war by proxy when babies are starving at home.

What we do to others returns to us, it is a law of life. Attempting to isolate and penalize Russia for defending her sovereign territory is only causing the nations who have joined this parade of evil great harm and suffering that will not quickly abate. Yet, the folly of the West persists.

Roe v. Wade

When the U.S. was conceived and established, fundamentally it was always meant that the government would have as little say or control in the lives of its people. The whole point of the democratic ideal was to put power in the hands of the people to determine the course of their lives. The Supreme Court returned power to the people this past week. It is not for the federal government to rule every area of an American's life. This is antithetical to the Constitution.

One might deduce Democrats are totalitarian and want big government to control citizens, while Republicans want very limited government intrusion into the private lives of citizens.

A totalitarian movement of leftist ideologies poisoned by pathology, today's "Woke" crowd and Democrats, actively seeks to eliminate our basic freedoms and social mores. Leftist dogma empowers criminals, elevates the lawless and erodes family values, all in the name of a false freedom that enslaves people to whims and fancies. The ideology of leftist doctrine rewards a victim mentality mindset, eschews personal accountability, utterly disregarding law and order.

"There is nothing new under the Sun." – King Solomon


If America is not going to enforce respect for our laws and demand that people only enter our country legally, then we do not have a country. Open Borders downgrade society by showing people everywhere that they do not have to respect law and order in America because there is no consequence for illegal activity. America is a free-for-all, do as you please and follow the whim of your impulse country. Of course, such a country that has no self-respect or values will inevitably self-destruct. Already, the quality of skilled workers in America is subpar. We are effectively a sub-standard nation. Leftist doctrine has downgraded America by relegating our living conditions to third-world country status. Live by higher standards, or diminish ourselves?


The male and female of every species is the only combination that can reproduce its kind. One can argue till kingdom come about gender as a social construct, but there is no such thing as a gender-less reality. Male and female are an inherent facet of nature. Liberal doctrine is no new phenomenon, it is as old as humanity, and emblematic of the fight between good versus evil.

Is Pride really about humankind's inability to honor the Creator of life, and Oneness of All?

Ever-increasing licentious social mores are eroding society with dire consequences. One wonders if transgender-ism is now a right of passage for every secular teen. What role does social media and social contagion play in the confusion that is prevalent? Not to mention the roles biology, the eco-sphere, social environment, diet and hormones play in our well-being.

While one certainly does not hope for abuse or persecution of homosexuals or transgenders, one must dare to ask, where is the line drawn? Curiously, it is the transgender movement that has done much to discredit "the gay argument": I was born this way. Is homosexuality really a choice, perversion, thwarted human sexuality? Is it not on the same spectrum as pedophilia or bestiality? Often, people who were victims of pedophilia in childhood become homosexuals.

What about pedophiles who claim they cannot control "the innate urges they are born with"? Where is the line? And what do we do about people who commit acts that are harmful to themselves and others? Gay men are disproportionately afflicted with sexual diseases as a consequence of unhealthy sexual liaisons, spreading contagion into the general population.

Homosexuals claim they are only attracted to the same sex. Except, what happens when a man turns into a woman, and then a lesbian is attracted to this biological man? Identity crisis.

These arguments are as old as time. "There is nothing new under the Sun." As Justice Thomas underscored in his findings this past week, there is still much discussion to be had on these various issues in America. They are not settled for all time. Humanity must grapple with and question the nature of morality, ethics and a God-centered life. Right versus wrong. Free will.

In closing

The pendulum continues to swing, back and forth, right left, now right again. The highest aim for human beings is to govern our impulses, to express our humanity and sexual energy in a holistic, spiritual way. Such that we elevate our lives and energy, as opposed to dissipate and desecrate ourselves. Life and death are always before us. Choose life and elevate humanity.


Diana Hochman is the Author of Dispelling the Myth, a novel of epic proportion. Learn More.

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