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Updated: Apr 27

Happy Birthday to all the people born on 1024, my birthday, including Drake. Haha.


Today I celebrated 49 years of being on this incredibe blue marble, Earth. I am so grateful for life, a treasure, and for the opportunity to experience the extraordinariness of being human.

Photos: October 24, 2021. Diana Hochman. Seattle, WA #SpaceNeedle #Chihuly #Seattle

I was able to visit the Space Needle. Wow!!! It is such an incredible edifice. 608 feet high!!! The floor is glass, and as the Needle revolves slowly underneath your feet, you see the ground.

Then I went to the Chihuly Garden and Glass. I purposely did not Google it so that I could be surprised. And boy was I ever. It has a wow factor bar none. The talent, the colors, the history. I had an amazing 49th birthday and I am just grateful for the gift of life--the greatest treasure.

#dianahochman #birthday #scorpio

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