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Updated: May 5

Hello and welcome to my new digital pad on the worldwide web. Can't wait till we all defrock [dump the masks] and get back to hanging out in coffee shops, or just around people again.

After an extensive search to find a new digital home and many attempts at finding the "right one" I finally landed it. Who knew change is so painful. Fortunately, it is often for the best.

I started and stopped many blogs since 2005, and wrote hundreds of blog posts since that time. Now, I am embarking on a new venture: Vlogging. I will share all my videos here.

What else?

I have resolved to focus my time and life solely on my research and my passion for storytelling by writing novels. Because of this, I no longer feel the desire to blog. However, I will connect in a more up close and personal way from now on by sharing updates about my writing projects via video. Although, I may still share a photo from time-to-time, maybe an anecdote. Let's connect. You can find my YouTube Channel here. #writer #novelist dare I say #vlogger

Daily life hacks for living your best life now: Breathe. Pause. Drink water. Eat healthy. Stretch. Meditate. Be happy. Sleep well. Walk. Reflect. Dream. Laugh... a lot. Enjoy your day. Repeat.

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