Freedom: More than a word

"Choice, freewill, is the gift of every human being to determine the course of one's life." - DH

Freedom is almost a buzzword these days. As though we are all seeking the freedom to do anything, at any time in any place. But what is freedom, really? Is it more than just a word? Is it more than the ability to live according to the dictates of impulse?

Often, we liken freedom as the ability to do as we please without consequence, but this is the embodiment of slavery, not freedom. Put another way, freedom is commensurate with responsibility. That is, the greater our freedom, the more responsible we must be for our actions. This is why most people shirk from freedom, because freedom demands we make decisions to choose what is right at each step of our lives. Freedom means we cannot blame others for our actions or choices, or the consequences these actions and choices yield. Freedom is the hardest challenge there is.


Leftist ideologues conflate respect for law and order with racism. It is the sharpest tool in their political shed. There are many people in this world, all of whom are a shard of the divine, or ray of light of the cosmos. No one race is better than any other. All human beings are tasked with choosing the highest possible good. To demand that people enter a country legally is not racist. Illegal immigration is an unsustainable crime that erodes the infrastructure of a nation.

When we think of how many illegal aliens have entered America, we must acknowledge they have stolen housing, food and jobs from Americans. How many veterans or Americans who are on the low-income scale are denied HUD Housing because an illegal alien has already stolen the opportunity. So while illegal aliens have claimed the majority of HUD housing, American citizens are displaced all across the homeland. Particularly, in many liberal states, homelessness is a crisis of epic proportion as tent cities or urban campers are now endemic.

Americans who are White, and thus not afforded a handout by society, are being prevented from leveling up because of institutional racism like affirmative action, and illegal immigration. Many foreigners, or non-White Americans, are handed opportunities that a White American will never be given, such as free education, free housing, and money to start a new business.

If you are a White American and not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, your American Dream is to be an urban camper in a tent somewhere in America, living hand-to-mouth, if that.

If an American wishes to live in another country, he or she must abide by that country's rules, or get deported. The same must be said of America. For, being an American, at minimum means to respect the law, and if not to risk freedom by going to jail. That is how justice works.

If we were truly being kind to all, then America would deport all illegal aliens godspeed.

How do we temper judgment with mercy? When children are small and misbehaved, do we correct them and attempt to train them toward proper behavior? Or, do we let them run wild, roughshod, without any guidance, input or accountability? If we love the child, we teach him or her manners and respect. We say no to a child who wants to eat a whole box of candy.

The same is true of adults. If we do not recognize our limitations, we pay a price. Eat too much, and the body will suffer digestive ailments possibly leading to illness and disease.

Compassion is about self-respect for the boundaries in place that make leading a balanced life of well-being possible. In America, the only law of the land is the Constitution, which provides a framework and solid foundation upon which the rest of our national life is built. Over time, leftist ideologues with an ax to grind, have sought to erode the basic values inherent in the Constitution, chipping away at the framework of freedom, until America is unrecognizable. This land is our land, and this home is our home, that is, for every American who was born here legally, or who became an American by choice. We must fight for our home and values.

Freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness in a just society is our inalienable birthright.


We Americans love our football. Soon, football season is underway. Football may seem like a purely physical game, but it involves strategy, logistics, and respect for rules and boundaries. For example, there is something called encroachment in a game. This is when a player crosses the line into the neutral zone before the snap. When this happens, a referee will call a penalty.

The snap is when the offensive center hikes the ball, simultaneously delivering it to the quarterback. But the moment the ball is hiked, the playing field is open and all is fair game.

America crossed the line. Joe Biden entered the neutral zone before the snap. He encroached upon Russia, long before the offensive center made a play. As though he was trying to prove what a tough guy he "the big guy" is. Then he projected his grave sins onto Russia, blaming Russia for every foul play America made. And now the whole world is suffering a penalty.

"A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as serious foul play." - American Football


American left-wing politicians collaborate with the U.S. media (its war machine) to control and frame narratives. Joe Biden blame-shifted away his culpability for his failed domestic and foreign policies onto Russia. Blame-shifting is the psychological profile of abusers. People who fail to accept responsibility for their actions defy the notion of freedom. And anyway, why are we "defending" Ukraine's borders when we do not protect our own borders from "invasion"? And why not use the endless reserves of oil energy on American soil to fortify American independence and well-being? Energy is a good thing. It renders the world functional and pleasant. It gives us refrigerators and air-conditioners and allows us to explore the world, traveling from place-to-place. Rather than decry energy, why not try conscious consumption?

If we truly cared about the climate, then we would go after the meat and dairy industries and the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, the meat industry causes more greenhouse gasses than all the world's oil dependent cars combined. And Big Pharma poisons people and the planet.

You know what else is hypocritical? For liberals to demand that the constitutional right to bear arms of law abiding citizens be stripped, all in favor of empowering the lawless, godless, thoughtless savage who has no respect for law or humanity in the first place. And this, while in the very same breath cheering on the nuclear armament of Ukraine. A puppet in an unjust war by proxy provoked by America's vainglorious grab at maintaining her super power status. And why? For the "liberal world order". Neocons on the right are no better. In fact, neocon ideology is the warmongering tie that binds Americans across the political partisan spectrum.

Leftist ideologues denounce facts in favor of feelings that they seek to control and manipulate.


It is possible to love and accept all people as they are and still demand that people respect the rule of law. Too often, people lean toward black and white thinking, or all or nothing mindsets. You can love your child, and hopefully you do, while utterly disliking and disapproving of their bad behavior. The same is true of people everywhere, for citizens and foreign invaders alike.

The U.S. Constitution is the antithesis of a totalitarian, one world, liberal order of automatons.

Disagreement is possible without discord. It is possible to discuss divergent views that lead to ever-increasing compassion, if nothing else. Pathology underlies all ideologies. Beyond the ideology of any doctrine or dogmatic belief system, there is a unified whole of which we are all a part. Whether our current level of awareness permits this understanding depends upon our mindset, our life discipline, and how free we are from the mind prisons of ideologies.

In closing

Extreme left, woke-ism, right-wing, apolitical, apathetic, agnostic, believer, male, female, they, them, these are merely labels and not the essential thing that defines who we truly are. The intangibles are what matter, such as love, justice, kindness, mercy, truth. These fundamental laws of humanity create the space for human beings to thrive when boundaries are respected.

May we learn to collaborate, to work in concert as a true league of nations, to build up, not tear down. May we foster a global society of teamwork in a multi-polar climate, where no nation enters the neutral zone or commits a foul play. May no nation lord over others or seek to create a totalitarian "liberal order" of enslavement that erodes dignity, freewill and choice.


Diana Hochman is the Author of Dispelling the Myth, a novel of epic proportion. Learn More.

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