Identity Politics

"We do not describe the world we see, we see the world we can describe." - Rene Descartes

Life is an abstraction. Like art, beingness is precisely that which affects how humans experience the world. The Self comes into direct confrontation with reality from the first breath of life. For the duration of our lifetime, humans engage in the struggle.

The human heart first beats at around six to seven weeks of gestation. Thus, one might hypothesize it is at this point that the soul inhabits the human being. However, from the very moment of conception, one's fate determines whether one is a boy or a girl. Fate is what happens to us. Destiny is how we respond to our fate. The philosopher Heraclitus once said, "Choice is the hinge of destiny."

In Creationism, the narrative follows that God created Man. At the point of origin Man was essentially an androgynous being, that is, both male and female. From Man, Woman was then fashioned. What makes the creation story exceptionally compelling is the scientifically proven basis upon which the myth is substantiated. Every female has two X chromosomes. Every male has one X and one Y chromosome. The [X,Y] renders a male baby with a penis, and the [X,X] renders a female baby with a vagina. The cosmological point of origin is the coordinate [X,Y].

Gender is irrefutably based upon whether the child has an [X,Y] or [X,X] chromosome set.

The Bible specifically defines (and prohibits) homosexuality as a sexually immoral [deviant] act between males. The Bible also condemns cross-dressing [psychological transgenders] as immoral or socially deviant behavior. The argument of this author distinguishes between psychological [socially constructed] transgenders and people who are truly born that way.

Only a man can impregnate a woman, and thus the onus of reproduction is upon the man. Women are the receptors, men are contributors. Thus, men have a greater moral responsibility.

Today, many people circumvent natural biology and create babies outside the womb. Yet, this is only possible with the fertilization of sperm and ovum, a perennial truth. Only a woman has a uterus and only a woman can grow a baby in her womb. Thus, to be fruitful and multiply depends solely upon reproductive encounters, either sexual or artificial, with the opposite sex.

Cartesian Method

Mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes formulated the Cartesian Method in the 1600s. In short, the method provides a graph upon which to locate physical phenomena on a map. The X represents the horizontal axis and is sideways or latitudinal. The Y represents the vertical axis and is upright or longitudinal. Where these two points intersect is called the point of origin [0,0]. The order for indicating the intersectionality on a graph must be like so: [X,Y].

Conception is the point of origin, a fate which no living person may ever deny or escape.

Every person may only choose to be the best expression of him or herself. Not whether the physical Self is a him or her.

Nature versus Nurture

We are not able to control our genetics, sex, gender or the unique circumstances into which we were born. Every person has a distinct set of challenges to confront in his or her lifetime. Yet, it is our social environment that conditions our perspective of the world and of ourselves. Liberal doctrine posits that one's sex is predetermined and gender is a choice. These verbal acrobats are merely the semantics of the woke. Sex is the individual's chromosomal makeup, male or female, that predetermines the gender reveal. Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.

Sometimes, there are people who are born with androgen sensitivity, or some other hormonal imbalance. Such persons are born hormonally transgender, as this is their fate, as it were.

Society has been turned upside down by psychological deviants who argue that chromosomal reality is an abstraction that can be erased, reversed or undone. Chromosomal anatomy is one's fate. One may respond to this fate by denying science, and thus denying reality, but what one is ultimately denying is God, the singular point of origin from which life emanates.

In denying the basic and most fundamental aspects of reality, the immoral person seeks to shirk responsibility for choosing what is moral and upright. No person, outside of abstract metaphysical plausibility or hypothesis, can choose to be a male or female. One's sex is determined by one's biological father at the point his sperm fertilizes the mother's egg.

In other words, did the male contribute an X or Y chromosome to the female at fertilization?

Today, many people are engaging in self-mutilation [gender reassignment surgeries and mastectomies] and inflicting self-harm by taking hormones that alter their chemical makeup.

Yet, none of these abstractions can alter fundamental, biological reality, or change fate. In denying fate, one denies one's essential core self, and the ability to lead an authentic life. Acceptance, and not denial of one's fate, is precisely that which leads to ego integration.

The unmitigated ego, lacking cohesion, generates maladaptive behavior and social poison.

In closing

Identity politics are socially engineered and politically motivated attributes of social conditioning. There has always been a subset of people, a criminal, deviant, morally ambiguous class, who deny God, reality, and who refuse to choose the highest good.


Diana Hochman is the Author of Dispelling the Myth, a novel of epic proportion. Learn More.

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