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Healthy debate is the foundation of American life, the centerpiece of the public square. - DH

One of, if not the most, insidious tactics of Progressives, also known as the Woke Folk, which is no new phenomenon, is their penchant for totalitarian lawlessness and disorder. They are a decadent, immoral bunch who seek to rule over the many. Leftist policies are as old as the myth of the fallen angel who was jealous of God, thereby teaching us the larger parable of how pride always goes before the fall. We might look at the biblical story of the Tower of Babel or even of Sodom and Gomorrah. History is simply not without precedent. Since time immemorial Progressives have sought a world absent law and order and morality. Achieving their goal is largely dependent upon promoting violent crime, fear and damnation upon society. Such a dismal and dystopian world benefits the few who perpetrate this liberal world order, to the detriment of humankind.

The most basic and fundamental aspects of the American way of life is the way in which it is uniquely designed. There is only one law of the land, and this is the United States Constitution. There are three branches of government which serve as the necessary checks and balances that keep the system functional, and in order. The intrinsic value of the American system is that it inherently promotes debate and dialogue. Issues that affect Americans are decided through healthy debate at the state level and "codified" via vote at the state level. Limited federal government is the American way that serves to protect healthy debate in the public forum.


Outside the framework of the United States Constitution, there is absolutely no available option to the federal government, within the context of law and justice, for creating a blanket law of the land that applies to every American. Our institution is "of the people, for the people and by the people." What this means is that the Great American Experiment is precisely that which both fosters and engenders healthy debate and dialogue over a range of issues that affects Americans and our way of life at the local level, that is, at the everyday level of experience.

The very basis for the American Revolution was to no longer live under Monarchical rule, which in fact, is effectively totalitarian. Any time a ruler at the top issues a decree for the entire expanse of his or her people, and the people have no say, where no debate or discussion ensues, this is totalitarian. Democracy is what voting is about. People decide what they believe is the right way to live and they debate these ideas in a public forum and vote accordingly.

Progressives are doing all they can to abolish the U.S. Constitution, to end American rights and freedoms, freedom of speech, and freedom to bear arms, and to silence healthy debate.

"It is better to debate a question without settling it, than to settle a question without debating it." - Joseph Joubert

Progressives are Totalitarian

Again, there is no blanket law of the land, folks [except the Constitution]. This mechanism was ingeniously designed by the Framers to both ensure and preserve healthy debate in American society. Healthy debate is the only true progress and the very hallmark of American freedom.

Progressives are wolves in sheep's clothing. They use sophisticated language to fool the masses. The Woke Folk call black white and white black, and the unsuspecting often overlook the subtlety of their deception. Americans will no longer tolerate this subversive attempt by Progressives to destroy the American way of life. We are free people of values and morals.

In closing

The [Progressives] House can try all it wants to codify its totalitarian aims to promote crime, violence, lawlessness, disorder, decadence, debauchery and immorality. While Clinton's 1996 DOMA has been all but gutted, the majority of Americans still believe God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve and that marriage is a sanctified act between a man and woman. The Senate will not approve totalitarian orders as this is fundamentally anti-American.

Vote Republican, and fight to save America and to uphold the American values we hold dear.


Diana Hochman is the Author of Dispelling the Myth, a novel of epic proportion. Learn More.

July 19, 2022 -- Article Source:

House to vote on same-sex marriage protections in response to Supreme Court Roe ruling

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