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LIFE 101

Announcement: Diana Hochman is an Internationally Certified Master Life Coach & Practitioner #LIFE101

Internationally Certified Master Life Coach & Practitioner

Diana underwent training via an Accredited Training Provider, Place of Bliss Academy.

She is now a member of POBA and IAOTH, which centers on humanity focused providers.

In Diana's Words: "Very deep life challenges led me to surreptitiously discover the Master Life Coach program. I was amazed at how in sync the program was with my own life and path. Inspired by POBA founder and director Sufani Garza, who has incredibly abundant positive life energy, I found the direction I started out in took the most wild and unexpected turn. I look forward to sharing all about what I gained in this course in my life and work from now on."

There is an old saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will come." - The Buddha*

*Buddha Quote is often attributed to Buddha and Zen Buddhism philosophy and sayings of the wise through the ages.


Follow Diana on Facebook @dianahochmanbooks and on Instagram @realdianahochman

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