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"A neoconservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality." - Irving Kristol

One of the most astonishing features of our time is the absolute failure of leadership that drove the United State of America to the brink of demise. There is a difference between fear and wisdom. One must never start a fight, and most certainly not a fight that one is simply incapable of winning. The truly brave merely acts in self defense, never starts a fight, but will surely finish it.

That the United States is in a deep and disconcerting state of weakness is a cause for great alarm. To one's eternal shock and dismay, the so-called leaders in Biden's Administration make one bad choice after another, as though America is on a suicide mission.

When America gets its internal, domestic affairs squared away again, then America will be able to operate from a position of strength, and thus exude power and prominence on the world stage again. We must conduct international affairs and foreign policy with leverage.

A war with China is not something America wants to engage in. Already, America is in a recession, and Build Back Better 2.0 effectively signs the check on the Great Depression 2.0. Hopefully, Sinema will kill the bill and therefore help stave off the economic disaster. It truly is simply remarkable that Manchin caved into this, which begs the question as to whether he was blackmailed. What else could explain the about-face and his radical departure from reason?

Provoking a superior opponent is ill-advised. Of course, if one is attacked one must always fight back, regardless of the attacker's strength or might. Has China outright attacked the U.S.? China is not doing anything in the United States that the U.S. does not allow China to do.

China, Russia and Saudi Arabia are managing the supply chain for global consumer goods. Biden's failure to ensure America's energy independence has placed America in a very precarious, and weakened, position in the world. Biden uprooted America's house from its foundation and instead chose to place the United States on the sands of a Green New Deal.

"At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." - President Abraham Lincoln,1838 Speech

Neoconservative ideologues espouse the supremacy of Western ideology and have been pollinating the world with Democracy precisely so that America would reign supreme over all.

The problem with neoconservative ideology is that it is based on faulty logic. You can't have it both ways. You can't be a superpower and also party to a new world order of communal values. This is precisely why old school Republicans rejected Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations proposal. To accept it would be to sacrifice America's sovereignty and independence.

To be a great power of necessity requires independence, sovereignty and freedom. To be part of a socialist new world order is to forsake independence in favor of the larger so-called good.

The balance of power has shifted in the world. International affairs has moved from a uni-polar to a multi-polar world.


More than anything, traditional Americans want America to be elevated again. Americans want America to thrive in the greatness of her strength. To get to that place requires leadership.

America needs to focus on continually building up an elite fleet of U.S. Armed Forces that meet the challenges of modern times. What this specifically does not include is training our military in the proper pronoun usage. That's a no-go. The hostile takeover of American society by leftist ideologues must be stopped. That is the first war we must win, as it has nearly destroyed us.

America sacrificed energy independence in favor of the folly of the climate change protocols that are incapable of meeting global energy output. America has open borders at home, and yet is hellbent on securing Ukraine's borders, and now Taiwan's borders. The Biden White House simply does not have its priorities straight. America first is the way it works in America.

When we are in a position of strength, and not at the mercy of the benevolence of our foes, and when we are self-sustaining and independent again, then we can sit at the international round-table of nations with leverage. And then we will lead from the front and participate in building the future of the world with our sister nations, each sovereign and independent.

You can't compare yesterday's reality to today. America is no longer the sole superpower.


If Nancy Pelosi provokes China and touches down in Taiwan, for no good reason other than to start unnecessary problems, one can be certain China is going to act. Reckoning with facts is neither fearful nor foolish. It is wise. Taiwan's semiconductor earnings increased 67% in just a year. The Democrats just slipped the Republicans the okey doke, and the Republicans signed a bipartisan Chip Bill and then the Democrats sprung the Inflation Reduction Act on Americans.

Brian Deese, who lies to the American public and denies the United States is in recession, has been pressing Taiwan about the chip shortage since early 2021. Pelosi is going to Taiwan to secure their antics. China knows what the crooked Dems are up to and that they play dirty.

That is why China told the White House to fall back or else risk being blown out of the sky.

The Democrats are always coming up with half-baked measures and schemes. They are always trying to outsmart, outrank, or outmaneuver superior foes. Why? Because they are a bunch of crooks. Small minded criminals, with limited vision, scope and understanding of the world. Time and again, their idiocy places America in an ever-worsening situation of manufactured crises. Neocons simply fail to see how the echo of their folly will reverberate across the world.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to flex her muscles to prove what point? What a foolish woman she is. Now they nearly got America in a war with China. First Russia, then China. These folks just don't learn. They think they are so slick. It truly boggles the mind. The Democrats are stupid criminals. Smart criminals would have never leaked that Pelosi was on her way to Taiwan.

In the same way that Biden's failed policies got us to where we are now, Pelosi touching down in Taiwan and the Inflation Reduction Act, were it passed, will take us down a very dark path.

Is America ready to defend Taiwan? Has the Biden Administration considered what a full scale war with China means? Particularly given that America is in a full scale war with Russia. After all, American taxpayers are funding "Ukraine's War Effort." Is America pining for WWIII?

Yes, America is weak. Because we have idiots for leaders who are destroying America from within. Leaders who are self-serving, who used their office for personal gain. Leaders who are ideologues instead of pragmatists and visionaries. Biden and Pelosi have been serving for some forty years. It's time for America to kick them to the curb. The grift must stop with them.

America is weak because our domestic affairs, our house is out of order. We must close our borders forever to illegal immigration. We must elevate law & order again in our society. We must reinvigorate and re-establish our energy independence which is our nation's top security.

May Nancy Pelosi not be remembered by historians as the person who incited WWIII. Biden already incited war with Russia via NATO's encroachment. May we avoid the end of time. May we avert nuclear warfare, and may evil and all crooked leaders fall from the earth.

In closing

Walking away from a fight one is not in a position to win is not cowardice. It's smart. One must never start a fight in the first place, let alone from a place of weakness. If we had good leaders, America would be thriving, we would not be in recession, or at the brink of WWIII.


Diana Hochman is the Author of Dispelling the Myth, a novel of epic proportion. Learn More.

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