Operation Save America

"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light." - George Washington

We have a nation to fight for. We must combat the lies of the liberal world order aka globalist agenda. The globalists have strategically worked to erode our values and system over time. They have an agenda. For a long time now. It did not happen in a vacuum. One of the many ways this is prescient is with their attempt to paint Americans as anti-immigration.

It is crucial as American citizens that we combat this lie with truth and amplify this message far and wide: Americans (outside of the globalist cabal), whether born here or American by choice [there should be no need for distinction going forward], deeply value, regard immigration. In fact, immigration is an implicitly legal and sanctioned American reality that has and will continue to enrich our country. Americans love all people from every place.

Anti-illegal Aliens Invasion

It is illegal immigration that Americans are against, as this fundamentally destroys the very law and order upon which our great country was built. And the very reason for which we were at one time the envy of the world. Everywhere [before now] people looked up to America as that beacon of hope precisely because of our way of life that was made possible by our values.

My fellow Americans, we must rally and defend the truth: We are pro immigration and anti illegal aliens [invasion]. Which means we are anti-crime. Woke ideologues and globalists purposely conflate American values of respecting law and order with racism and a xenophobic anti-immigration stance and this is a flat out lie. A deception that is purposely peddled to the masses with the sole intent of deconstructing, i.e., to literally destroy America.

To demand that people must enter our country legally is neither racist nor anti-immigration. Pro-immigration is the most loving and humane stance an American can have. The argument is not about race, it is about law and order and the safety, well-being and prosperity of the American people. And, it is also about caring for the countless lives that are being damaged and hurt, both those committing the crime of illegal immigration and Americans at home who suffer the brunt of this great injustice daily. We simply cannot sustain this one moment longer.

From the ten year old child in Ohio who was raped by an illegal monster, a story that the mainstream media shamelessly attempted to bury since it hurt their open borders doctrine, to the horrific assault that an American Olympian suffered the other day in Los Angeles from a homeless person, and the rampant crime destroying cities everywhere, such that one may no longer even venture to Starbucks or 7 Eleven safely, there is violent crime everywhere.

Illegal aliens compound the problem of homelessness in America because they steal low-income federal housing that is intended to serve as a bridge for Americans to level up. Many working Americans are homeless, but that is an untenable trajectory to sustain for any length of time without greatly impacting one's mental and physical health, safety and well-being.

The drugs and weapons that flood our country are a direct result of open borders doctrine. One can only surmise that globalists are conspiring with the cartels to defund the police, enact soft on crime policies everywhere, all while actively indoctrinating children to hate America.

Our borders must be closed today to all illegal aliens. And all illegal aliens must be deported. Go to the end of the line, plus a 10-year wait to be given a chance again. Enough is enough.


Globalists like to say that all illegal aliens are really just persecuted people seeking asylum. That is a lie. If one is in need of asylum, then there is a path for that and that path is not being utilized, except as a political tool to perpetuate the crime of illegal alien invasion of America.

Governor Abbott is at the helm of this crisis, and as the one in charge here in Texas, he must take a bold stand. Not an indirect toe around the issue. The Governor must know from the American people that, while the fight is the fight of our life, make no mistake, and we know it will take courage, the governor has the support of the American people and especially Texans.

Americans have had it with the immoral degradation, devaluation and outright destruction of our great Country.

Globalists will not destroy America, though they have done all within their power to try, and have brought us to the brink of destruction and collapse. America will prevail, and rise again.

US Constitution: Law of the Land

Call the invasion what it is and base a decision on our Constitutional powers. Ken Cucinelli has it right. It would behoove the Governor [Abbott] to work with and consult him. He is a smart lawyer and has a lot of experience across the board. He'll provide sound legal advice.

The liberal world order is an elitist world order and they hate the ordinary people, like you and me. We're beneath them. Their intent is to force us into a slave labor mono-culture system of gender-less, voiceless, oppressed and powerless people who obediently serve their whim. But the tide is turning, we the people are fighting back against this globalist, totalitarian, evil, godless regime. Apparently Soros, along with his helpmate Obama, just shored up a bunch of Hispanic radio stations across the country. They did that with one purpose in mind: to fill those sound waves with a bunch of radical haters of America like AOC. They know the Hispanic demographic is large, and they want to use that platform to manipulate and poison minds.

In closing

We must not allow this cabal of evil to destroy our country and take our freedom and turn us into slaves. The woke crowd is an anti-American cartel, and we see this in everything they do, from destroying our energy independence, to ruining our cities with crime and violence, to poisoning the minds of our children, to displacing American citizens in favor of illegal aliens.

We must vote, and fight to save America and to uphold the American values we hold dear.


Diana Hochman is the Author of Dispelling the Myth, a novel of epic proportion. Learn More.

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