Social Injustice Warriors

The moral issues are not in any way about race, folks, to any one other than Progressives. - DH

Always read the fine print, folks. Beware of Wokeist trickery and devices. The Leftists' number one ploy is to make race the center of their dubious debate [s]. Divisiveness is their path toward indentured servitude.

The following quote is exemplary of how Progressives fundamentally operate as an ideologically motivated movement:

"The provision, according to the House Judiciary Committee, ensures that same-sex and interracial couples are treated equally to other married individuals at the federal level." - The Hill. See how they slip that in?

The argument in question is whether the federal government can issue blanket laws and thereby remove debate from the public forum, which of necessity occurs at the state level. On the issue of gay marriage, the focus is not interracial marriage, but rather specifically on what constitutes marriage in the United States, and whether this can be decided by the Supreme Court, or whether, according to U.S. Constitutional Law, it must be debated at the state level.

Marriage is traditionally between people of the opposite sex [gender], skin color is irrelevant.


If the argument for gay marriage is sound, then those fighting for this will convince legislators [voters] in their states why so, and thus effect laws attesting to such. Much to the chagrin of the woke cult, many Americans are still not convinced that homosexuality is not a perversion and a choice. 21st century ideologues have lost the art of persuasion and the skill to debate ideas.

People with weak arguments, who seek license to live as they please, simply choose to create totalitarian laws that oppress the majority of humanity. This is the gravest social injustice.

Ideologues are chained by a closed-minded approach to life, just like terrorists who seek to perpetrate dominance by force.

Social Injustice Warriors

Anything that goes against Woke Ideology is labeled as some brand of phobic, ist or ism. People who believe in only two genders, male and female, are labeled transphobic. People who believe marriage is between a man and a woman are labeled homophobic. People who believe that an American woman of African and Indian descent who is utterly incompetent and unqualified for public life, let alone to serve as this nation's Vice President, are labeled racist, misogynist and accused of sexism. Their goal is to cancel, or enslave, the normal people.

In closing

To believe that there are only two genders and that marriage is between a man and a woman is not to advocate persecution or abuse of those whose lifestyles fall outside of a basic moral structural code common to the majority of humankind. It is, however, to call into question the ability for such a small minority to effectively disenfranchise the majority of human beings.

Vote Republican, and fight to save America and to uphold the American values we hold dear.


Diana Hochman is the Author of Dispelling the Myth, a novel of epic proportion. Learn More.

July 19, 2022 -- Article Source:

House passes bill protecting marriage equality, with 47 GOP members voting ‘yes’

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