Stagflation Nation

May we never lose the promise of hope | "Hope is the last thing ever lost." - Italian Proverb

Poverty is profane. But what exactly underlies the poverty of circumstance? Poverty is a condition of lack, and the inability to meet one's basic living needs. Maslow defined a five-point strata in the human hierarchy of needs. The primary needs for human well-being of food and shelter and clothing are critical to our essential health. Second is human safety.

After which, wealth of being may be described as having the tertiary need for love and belonging met, then quaternary needs for personal achievement follow as described by self-esteem, and finally the quinary need is self-actualization. The peak stage is when an individual levels up from surviving to thriving, and achieves the pinnacle of wellness.

Absent the ability to survive [let alone thrive] the human being is thrust into a demoralizing and untenable condition of squalor that degrades quality of life. From this impoverished state, disease and crime run rampant and society suffers as a result. In such an unenviable state, people experience great human suffering, and life becomes meaningless as reflected by the Misery Index. Is poverty merely a case of the have and have nots, an unavoidable reality?

The Great American Experiment argues that poverty is not inevitable. America's great promise is an offer [not a guarantee] of the opportunity to overcome unfavorable odds. Regardless of the circumstances of one's birth, being born into a condition of poverty is not a life sentence. By assuming responsibility and taking ownership of one's choices, and applying oneself and working hard, one may level up and achieve the pinnacle of self-actualization. The herald of America is the beacon of hope. Yet, none are immune to the consequences of bad choices.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." - The Declaration of Independence, July 4,1776

Progressive Ideology

Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States, is the architect of the ideological concept of the new world order. He proposed his totalitarian vision of globalism after World War I with his framework for a League of Nations. Implicit in this framework was a call for collective security. Republicans rejected the idea on premise, particularly taking issue with Article 10 of the Fourteen Points, which would effectively undermine American sovereignty.

Democratic ideology is to slave mentality and a centralized form of government what Republican values are to freedom and a decentralized nation-state or American federalism. Democrats advocate victim-hood, lack of accountability, and perpetuate notions of persecution as the cause for bad behavior. They demand no consequence for one's actions. As a result, crime proliferates. Republican ideals espouse ownership of behavior regardless of one's misfortune, and thus accept freedom is commensurate with responsibility for one's choices.

Key Points: Nothing happens in a vacuum. History always offers a precedent for the present.

In 1933, FDR removed the U.S. from the Gold Standard rendering private ownership of gold illegal. Only today, the WEF [World Economic Forum] published a report indicating its wish to make private ownership of vehicles obsolete. FDR is the architect of the New Deal. Its three most salient features were relief for the unemployed, capitalism reform through regulation, and creation of the welfare state, which means a condition of sustained dependence and poverty.

The first "R" was heralded as an offer of relief for the unemployed. The American Rescue Plan signed by Biden when he took office in 2021 is comparable to FDR's New Deal. Progressive ideology is specifically designed to over-regulate enterprise as this disincentivizes growth and independence and human flourishing. A welfare state is the necessary condition for socialism.

FDR and Winston Churchill conspired to further the ambition of Wilson's New World Order and effectively defined it as a Liberal Order, naming this social collective of nation-states the United Nations, which was founded on October 24,1945, only six months after FDR's death.

Freedom, independence and hope are to capitalism, what slavery, dependence and despair are to socialism. The former thrives in wealth of being, the latter dies in manufactured poverty.

The Democrats, or party of Progressives, proposed the notion of a dystopian socialism more than a hundred years ago.


One cannot help but recall the biblical story of the Tower of Babel as offering a great parable for the concept of totalitarianism. Many people conspired in the singularity of this great evil, monochromatic aim to construct an edifice that reached the heavens thereby toppling God.

Since they were all unified under a common language, God disrupted their plans by making them speak in different languages. Subsequently, these people were dispersed globally.

In order for an entity to thrive, an appreciation of its intrinsic communal value is requisite. Of necessity, any organizing body must develop a singular point of focus by which to unify its many diverse elements. An entity will never manifest without the solidarity of group cohesion. A country will unify its diverse citizenry under the sovereignty and manifest destiny of its flag.

Liberal Order

To achieve the ambitions of socialism, people are socially engineered to think and act in a uniform way, that at once stifles innovation, free thought and public discourse. This radical manipulation of freedom has taken place primarily in universities where fundamental concepts of gender, free speech, and economic prosperity through opportunity are under direct attack.

The United Nations developed the IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] in 1978 as a unifying concept of the New World Order. The protocols of this liberal doctrine underlie the neoconservative, progressive ideology that provoked the war against Russia in Ukraine.

Progressive ideologues will send the world into depression, if this is what it takes, as long as this totalitarian, socialist order reigns supreme. This is why Zelensky scoffs at America's recession and claims he/they are fighting for a new world order of "communal values".

With shameless confirmation bias, Progressives decry the harmful effects of the heat of global warming while conveniently glossing over the fact that many people die from extreme cold.


The more abundant a commodity is, the less it costs. The more scarce, the more expensive. Too much of anything is never a good thing. Reckless spending causes inflation when availability of consumer goods becomes more scarce, which results in price hikes. Producers then attempt to keep pace with gluttonous consumer demand, except there is a problem. Supply Chain bottle necks and a scarcity of goods needed to manufacture products hampers the producers ability to meet consumer demand. Since the consumer still has a lot of money to spend and there is no course correction, they keep buying, inventory dwindles, prices steadily increase.

Biden immediately destroyed American energy independence when he took office, all in favor of his Green New Deal. Now it costs Americans twice as much and takes three times as long to manufacture products as they must import components from overseas. The consumer pays for Biden's blatant, anti-American failed policies at the point-of-sale. Since it is politically expedient for Progressives to act against the best interest of America, Progressives lied about inflation a year ago. The Fed failed to increase interest rates in time in order to curb spending.

Then Neocons, in line with their ideological liberal doctrine, provoked a proxy war in Ukraine against Russia. Instead of walking back every one of his bad decisions and failed policies, Biden threw America under the bus and proceeded to dig his heels in further. He showed the world what a tough guy he is, and added fuel to the fire by enacting economic warfare, not only on Russia but against the world. Blitzkrieg sanctions against Russia and everyone hurts.

The eternal battle of good versus evil is under way. Evil eschews personal responsibility in favor of the slavery of human reductivism, thus lowering the bar for standards of excellence.

The same powerful forces who told the American People, and the world, that the Hunter Biden laptop was "Russian disinformation", that Russia invaded Ukraine because Putin is in fact the doppelganger of Napoleon more or less, that the high prices of gas at the pump are the "Putin Price Hike", are the same forces lying to the public now and denying America is in recession.

Recession is when gross domestic product, or output, decreases for two consecutive quarters. Less available consumer goods, coupled with an exceedingly high cost of goods, is a recipe for economic disaster. As the economy contracts, unemployment increases because companies cannot afford to pay their workers. People are simply not building or buying things at this point because they can no longer afford to, prices remain high, and wages remain low or stagnate.

America is in a period of stagflation. Inflation is high, and the economy is in a recession. The Democrats' $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act effectively seals the deal for a prolonged period of stagflation that is unsustainable. Three years of decline in GDP of 10% leads to economic depression. Already food banks are seeing a hike in need. Unable to find work or pay bills, since manufacturing has slowed to all but a halt, people resort to crimes in order to survive. The monetarily rich have a temporary hedge against suffering, but stagnation is death.

Eventually, the ordinary people will simply travel less, spend less, eat less, and be homeless. As long as the few liberal kleptocrats in Washington rule the many, by enslaving people with pronouns and victim-hood, they will feed off their slaves until they devour one another. Such will be the sad end of the dystopian nightmare of socialism. A world without color or hope.

In closing

What this all means is that there is a choice between right and wrong. Between freedom and slavery. Between responsibility and victim-hood. Between the human proclivity to reach the heights or descend into the depths of depravity. It is up to us to fight for and defend freedom.

A Call to Arms: My fellow Americans, VOTE for Republicans this November and in 2024.


Diana Hochman is the Author of Dispelling the Myth, a novel of epic proportion. Learn More.

Recommended Reading:,1979%2C%20according%20to%20death%20certificates.,completely%20abandoning%20the%20gold%20standard.

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