The End of Globalism

Globalism: An ideology that reinforces inequality and is politically motivated to benefit elites.

There are 10 countries who make up OPEC and 13 non OPEC countries who make up OPEC+. Immediately following the failed Saudi fist-bump visit with a gracious Crown Prince, all things considered, Jake Sullivan claimed the U.S. will not have a bilateral statement to offer as an update to the August 3, 2022 OPEC+ meeting. A meeting that is designed to determine the schedule and distribution of oil production [globally]. Sullivan stated [a paraphrase], "Whatever the outcome of next month's meeting, OPEC+ is calling all the shots."

Jake Sullivan is conveniently placing the full responsibility for the fate of the world and America on Russia [OPEC+]. Though with his Bidenesque blame-shifting, he is conceding that America no longer has influence, or power in the world. Who could have predicted that Joe Biden would commit such great folly and destroy America's standing in the world? How can America have no bargaining power and yet own some of the vastest oil reserves anywhere?

The globalists provoked a war by proxy against Russia. Biden's War has hurt us greatly, and changed America's standing in the world, while also causing great human suffering both at home and abroad. Biden did his best to frame Russia for his evil, but the truth always prevails.

Every nation has to have its house in order. Only then can its leader sit at the round table with other leaders, with clout, dignity and respect intact. And the necessary leverage to negotiate.

Biden's war by proxy with Russia does no good for anyone anywhere in this world except for globalists. Neocons are globalists who empower criminals and dis-empower ordinary people.

The rest of the world is suffering greatly. For what? The Climate Change globalist agenda.

The End of Globalism

Here's the deal. The "good people" have been painted as bad people and the bad people as good people. Globalists, that is, the climate change cartel, are the truly bad people in the world. Progressives like AOC, Obama, Clinton and Pelosi, et al., are out to destroy America.

Globalism is an Open Borders Doctrine. It is a totalitarian creed that promotes poverty, chaos and confusion for the masses, effectively slavery, and empowers an elite class of deviants.

Globalization is not to be confused with globalism. Globalization is a transnational reality that allows goods and information to be exchanged between sovereign nations for mutual benefit.

America, the West, Globalists, must cancel all sanctions on Russia, and cede Crimea and the Donbas to Russia.

America, the West, Globalists, must cancel all sanctions on Russia, and cede Crimea and the Donbas to Russia. Neither Finland nor Sweden or Ukraine may ever join NATO. These are the most likely bargaining tools for restoring peace and stability in the world and what OPEC+ may offer the United States in exchange for oil. If so, Biden will have the power to not only end the war, but also, to spare Americans and the world from further economic disaster.


You can take a lot from people, but you cannot rob people of their hope. America will experience a renaissance. We will tap all of our resources and open up all our wells and pipelines. We'll create jobs and homes, and lower taxes and restore law and order in our society. We will teach our children great American values and un-revised American history.

In closing

It is time to end Joe Biden's proxy war against Russia. To crush the globalist elite. And to secure a future for America, where all Americans have an opportunity to thrive and live the American Dream. The United States has enough energy to sustain Americans for hundreds of years, and still have plenty to go around. May Americans never have to beg for oil again.

Vote Republican, and fight to save America and to uphold the American values we hold dear.


Diana Hochman is the Author of Dispelling the Myth, a novel of epic proportion. Learn More.

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