The Globalist Agenda

"Globalist Doctrine: 'Do as I say and make me rich, you just can't live as I do'." - Evil Creed

Biden just pledged $316 million dollars of American taxpayer money to Palestinians during his demeaning trip. He has pledged $70 billion dollars to Ukraine for a war he provoked with Russia with his "I am the big guy bully on the block let me show you how tough I am" posturing. Much in the same way he vowed to turn the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia into minced meat, or, a "pariah". Then he has the audacity to commit America's stockpile of defense weaponry to Ukraine, with no end date in sight as to when enough is enough. We saw the disastrous way he left Afghanistan, interestingly, leaving vast resources to the Taliban. Only last week, Biden sold 1 million barrels of American Strategic Petroleum Reserve to an oil company in China. Oil that could have been pumped through American pipes and that lowered the price of gas at American gas stations.

Joe Biden has an uncanny knack for funding terrorists and criminals with money and weapons, all while demanding absolutely zero accountability or oversight for how they spend American taxpayers' money. And I am not even talking about Hunter Biden. "The Big Guy" is consistent. The $316 million dollars Biden just gave to Hamas [terrorists], I mean the Palestinians, while conditions of squalor in Palestinian territories will undoubtedly remain the same is criminal. The $70 billion dollars Biden pledged to Ukraine for Biden's proxy war is only funneling money to crooks like Zelensky and other Ukrainian thugs to pocket, all while crime and human suffering proliferates in that region. China has now fortified their country with a supply of American oil.

Climate change is not the greatest existential threat to humanity, my friends. Joe Biden is.

Let's not forget the open borders here at home in America, and all the crime and drugs that proliferate in American streets as a result. The underlying thread is unmistakable, my friends.

Joe Biden, and his globalist cartel, promote and endorse crime and terror to enrich themselves.

Climate Change

We definitely need a new change in the climate. We need to end the globalist agenda, which is a crime cartel that uses sexy words and phrases that enable a small elitist cabal to get rich.

Climate change is not the greatest existential threat to humanity, my friends. Globalists are.

The best thing that happened today is that Senator Joe Manchin obstructed the globalist agenda. "Climate Change" is just the ruse the globalists hide behind. Globalists know their narrative is bullshit. But it provides a powerful decoy by which to indoctrinate people.

Take Elon Musk, for example. That guy [SMH]. The self-anointed savior of green energy. He is the grift that keeps on grifting, but smart enough to scam America. He became a billionaire through subsidies, otherwise known as corporate welfare. He is the biggest welfare recipient in America. Now Americans are paying for all his illegitimate babies. Most of whom we don't even know exist, and the others who just go by an alphabet. The point is, all his companies use oil, including all the oil energy it takes to make his "green cars". Oil fuels his private jet travel. This is the globalist doctrine: "Do as I say and make me rich, you just can't live as I do."


The Crown Prince is not going to let some old geezer try to fist-bump his way into a fake friendship. He has nothing to give America anyway. He remembers what Biden said about him, as some of us still have our memory and mental faculties intact. As usual, the Globalists will try to walk-back their latest fiasco, an utter disaster on the international world stage.

Apparently, Biden will wait to announce the results of his meeting with MBS until the OPEC+ meeting next month. Folks, Russia has a seat at the OPEC+ table and a say in what goes with OPEC+. See how it works. Folks need to pay attention and see what's going on. You don't cut off American oil independence, alienate allies [Saudi Arabia], offend foes [China], befriend enemies [Iran, Taliban, Hamas] and provoke a war with Russia and expect things to go well.

Our friends and foes around the world are emasculating Biden. Biden stepped out of line, and he deserves it. When Biden's 40-year+ impotent political life ends, disgrace will be his legacy.

In closing

My friends, the American people are suffering now because of Biden's failed policies. Please know these failed policies are the policies of progressives, i.e. the globalist elite. Climate change is not the greatest existential threat to humanity. Nor is population collapse. The greatest threat to humanity's continued existence on earth is the globalist agenda. Populism, that is, the ordinary people are back, and we will rise together to defeat this great evil.

We must vote, and fight to save America and to uphold the American values we hold dear.


Diana Hochman is the Author of Dispelling the Myth, a novel of epic proportion. Learn More.

Updated 7/16: Post corrected to $316 million, not $316 billion [error]. See Source: Politico.

Update 7/17: There is a wide range of opinions as to how much money the Biden Admin has pledged to Ukraine since Biden took office. The number is $70 billion with approximately $7 billion already having been dispersed. Facts are not an abstract art open to interpretation. Ukraine must not get one more dime of American taxpayer money–how is it spending funds.

Source: Ukraine's military is bolstered by billions of dollars from the US, but where is it going? Source: Biden signs $40 billion aid package for Ukraine during trip to Asia

Source: Fact Sheet on U.S. Security Assistance to Ukraine

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