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The Writing on the Wall

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Qatar is the headquarters of Hamas. It remains incomprehensible why Biden released $6 Billion to Iran through Qatar less than a couple of weeks before the Jewish Massacre of October 2023. Per reports, the treasury department would have controlled any access to and expenditures for these funds, ensuring they were strictly spent for humanitarian needs. This begs the question—why doesn’t the treasury department monitor and control the $112 Billion sent to Ukraine, of which less than half was allocated to direct military aid since February 2022?

It would be amazing if the human beings, alleged beneficiaries of humanitarian aid actually received the help they needed. Instead, somehow this humanitarian aid ends up in the hands of terrorists and oligarchs. Why is that? It’s terrific the Biden administration, under pressure to win the election, rescinded the offer to release the $6B ‘in agreement with Qatar’. Of course, Blinken emphatically points out that those funds were never tapped, and Kirby deflects when pressed on the issue. But, there is no explanation as to why this $6B was given in the first place. We got Americans for Iranian prisoners, even swap. What did America get for those $6 Billion? Why did Biden want $6 Billion dollars for Ukraine, that McCarthy ensured he did not receive, before the House imploded? The $6 Billion dollar questions.

The United States is now amping up nuclear ambitions in a purported attempt to remain competitive with China who is alleged to be packing quite a nuclear arsenal by the 2030s. I don't know who is really acting as POTUS right now. But whoever it is, even if Biden, has an outdated, antiquated and small vision of the world. They're leading us straight down the path to World War III and the end of humanity. America needs a president who understands NATOs expansion in Eurasia greatly destabilizes the world by both imperiling America and weakening our infrastructure, and causing global financial collapse which accelerates the path to World War III, increasing migration with its ensuing poverty, disease and ultimately death.

Arab Nations who want to 'wipe Israel off the map' orchestrated the Jewish Massacre to put salt in the game of the Abraham Accords between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Peace is a direct impediment to the ‘Palestinian cause’ of eliminating Israel from the face of the earth. The leaders and founders of the Palestinians do not want a two-state solution, they do not want peace. It’s been offered on the table many times and rejected. They want to rule the world under some ideological notion of Sharia law, which means eliminating Israel and America.

While Biden said, and is doing, all the right things regarding Israel and the October 2023 Jewish Massacre by Hamas terrorists, make no mistake about it, it is because not doing so is a direct threat to America. Israel is the America of the Middle East and the only reason why the world still exists today. You just don't ever want terrorists to rule the world. The ill-informed, lacking-knowledge-of-history-progressives do not get that they will no longer exist if they got their silly way.

When Trump said Hezbollah is very smart. He was right. People think terrorists are dumb. They’re not. Some of these people who lead Hamas are engineers, PhDs, and they specialize in understanding how dumb Americans are. They are masterminds of emotions and human psychology. They know how to turn academia into a hate ground for anti-Semitism and how to embed anti-Israel types like AOC and her squad into the United States Congress. Oh, Hamas and Hezbollah are very smart. It’s why Hamas used the principles of democracy to take over Gaza through a vote on January 25, 2006, less than a year after Ariel Sharon ceded the territory to Palestinians as a peace offering. It’s American progressives who are idiots.

America needs a president who understands that creating inextricably bound financial goals that promote growth and innovation will tie the world together in a mutually beneficent enterprise of collaboration that leads away from war and death. We’ll have everything to gain by working together to build up, and everything to lose by actively trying to destroy the world. The stakes are different today. Nuclear war will end the world. The United States of America used to be on the path of denuclearization. Einstein once said, “I know not what weapons world war three will be fought with, but world war four will be fought with sticks and stones.” As he understood, world war three means the end of humanity.

Kamala Harris is not qualified to be president, now or ever. She lacks the gravity, weight, experience and global knowledge to handle the task in any remotely meaningful way. Plainly, she simply doesn’t understand the way the world works. It is my strong belief that Biden will not be reelected. He is apparently hellbent on greatly destabilizing the world. First in Ukraine, and now with this hyper-focus on nuclear proliferation as opposed to nuclear disarmament. All the while, illegal border crossings have increased exponentially under his watch and mass shootings and fentanyl overdoses are America’s new normal.

America sold its oil reserves under Biden's command. We are no longer oil independent because of the progressive idiocy ruling the roost. It’s not rocket science, folks. It’s common sense, which as we know, ain’t too common. But as the electric car evolution increases, in direct proportion you decrease oil dependence, thereby phasing it out incrementally. You just don’t radically cut off oil, our lifeline, to make a bunch of nonsensical, uneducated, highly emotive woke folk happy enough so that they vote for you. Colleges today are not educating people, they are indoctrinating folks who have no clue what is going on in the world in the first place. It's all about becoming an influencer on Tik Tok in America these days.

Meanwhile... one simply cannot wrap one’s head around the reasons those $6 Billion were earmarked for Iran through Qatar, Hamas’ headquarters. If it weren't for the fact that people with unrefined minds too easily misconstrue what they read, and turn everything into a conspiracy theory, I would say what I really think about this situation.

Russia holds the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. China, Russia, Iran, et al., we don't want them as enemies. We want to work with China and Russia toward a more prosperous world and contain Iran. Yet, America’s belligerent posturing through the proxy war in Ukraine has isolated us and weakened our infrastructure, while Russia has built up its alliances.

For as much as Donald Trump can be counted on to inarticulately express his opinions, for as much as he is morally reprehensible and uncouth. The fact remains, he is not any worse than any of the other politicians in Washington, namely hypocritical Democrats. They are all a bunch of financial crooks, too. And if we took the time to scour through their financial records, we would see how much so! He is just not as ‘refined’ as them in speech. They’re as crooked and evil as they come, they just speak more properly, and smile while they stab you behind the back and create disaster across the world! It is my strong belief, given the temperature of the public sentiment on the ground, and how deeply volatile life has become in less than four years under Biden, that the American people will not re-elect Biden. The writing is on the wall.


Diana Hochman is the author of Dispelling the Myth, out in hardcover October 24, 2023. She studied terrorism and Army doctrine as a soldier in the U.S. Army; and also lived in Israel for 13 months in the heart of Jerusalem, having emigrated to Israel from America in 2004.

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