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June 30, 2021

I self-published my first book in 2008. Since that time, I have published about 22 works, all of them mine except for two. For artistic reasons, I shelved all of these works and they will remain out-of-print. However, I may release the bulk of these writings via catalog on this website at some future point in time.

I have always loved reading books and powerful human stories. When I was a child, and read The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, I wondered how writers did that. In 1995, when I first started writing seriously, I dreamed of writing novels someday. Since that time, I have written a vast body of material across many genres. I have studied many forms of writing and learned about the publishing industry. I did this in a hands-on way, and also in a university MFA creative writing program. In 2009, I dreamed of writing spy novels. 

Throughout the years, I never stopped dreaming of writing novels. I made my first attempt in 2012. I tried four more times after that, abandoning the effort for some reason or another, sometimes after significant progress had been made. Finally, on my sixth try, I wrote a 140,000 plus word novel, which was about 50,000 words too many. While I was so grateful I was able to accomplish that, I was not pleased with the story overall. So, I also removed that work from circulation and shelved it. I never hope to release it again.


Finally, in 2021, I embarked on a spy series with Dispelling the Myth. All the right pieces just fell into place and the overall story just blossomed. This is my second novel, but the first book in this spy series. It is also my first novel, or book, to both go public and remain on the market. The narrative packs a powerful punch, as it broaches all of the difficult and uncomfortable topics we confront in our lives. This literary project has the potential to suit a wide range of audiences. There is definitely something in the story for everyone.

I invite you to join me on this literary adventure, as I navigate a vast terrain of human experience and write stories that I hope you will find inspiring and enlightening. And also truly entertaining. I can't give too much away, so you'll have to read the book (s). The Casey and Cody Chronicles will bring you into a whole new world that is sure to make you think about life in ways you may have never considered before. Welcome to my Writer's World!

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